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Re: Would a Captain Sulu series have killed trek?

Omg that episode was horrible. It had dead crewmembers appearing in the final shot of Star trk VI, when Sulu bids farewel to Kirk.

I mean that is dedication for Valtene to have died on the bridge during a run through the nebula against Kang. and then stand to next to sulu later after the fight at Khitamor.

I was impressed. :P

lol The timeline given about the arrest of Kirk and Mccoy and then their trial and intement was a total of two or three was anightmare of a episode. The writers shouldve atleast gone out and rented Star Trek Vi to fit it in better.

I was all pysched for the eppy too, Trials and Tribbulations was cute and a nice nod so I was really looking forward to 'Flashback'. Sloppy and poorly slapped together in my opinion.

Like pretty much most of Voyager..plenty to work much wasted shouldve been such a landmark series.

But I dont think a Cpt. Sulu series wouldve saved wouldve been the same writing staff and creative team that torpedo'd poor Voyager.

But the idea did have great potential too.
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