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Re: Farscape reference in Demons of Air?

Just spotted "tralk" used as a Cardassian insult in The Mirror-Scaled Serpent, along with other funny references like B'Elanna descending to the seventh of nine floors, and Tuvok (the Vulcan played by Tim Russ) being a former slave of T'Kar (the Klingon played by Tim Russ).

Speaking of that story, the old woman who led the uprising on Cestus III is clearly Nan Bacco. In fact, there's really no reason for Cestus III to have been B'Elanna's former stronghold except for the chance to allow a gratuitous Bacco reference. I have no problem with that, by the way, since Bacco rules (literally, in fact).

But I cannot for the life of me figure out who the second Terran who tries to attack B'Elanna is, other than Tom Paris, while B'Elanna is interrogating Seska. He's described as being dark-haired and -skinned, with a beard and a mole on his cheek. I cannot think of any bit-part-player in VOY who matches that description. Is it supposed to be anyone, or just a random Terran? The unusually detailed description suggests the former.

Considering the Tuvok-T'Kar connection, I wondered if it was supposed to be the human that Tim Russ played in TNG "Starship Mine," just to complete the pattern.
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