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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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So no one is interested all the major transfer soap operas that is happening this summer?

Robinho to Chelsea?
Why not! Although is he really that out of favor with RM or will he just be surplus once they get Ronaldo?

Kaka to Chelsea for 79 million pounds!?
I don't ever see AC letting him go, and you'd think they'd want to get at least a year of him and Ronaldinho playing together.

Ronaldo to Madrid for 68 million pounds!?
United would be foolish not to sell him as he won't be worth more than he is today, plus if he stays he'll just sulk his way through the season. He feels entitled to a move after the season he just had and enduring England and its fans after the World Cup winkgate.

Lampard to Inter?
Not going to happen this year, but this will probably be Lampard's last season in Chelsea blue.

Scolari and Chelsea. What do you think?
Best coach they've had since Jose.....which isn't saying much, lol. Should do good for their CL aspirations as Scolari basically specializes in round robin and then knockout games. I'm wondering what he'll be like over the grind of the Prem league though.

Mourinho and Inter. What do you think? Will they win the Champions league?
So many good teams in the CL, so tough to call. They have to be considered a favorite.....along with like 6 other teams.

Adebayor to Barca?
The Headbutt plays well with skilled guys around him so he'd look good there.

Eto'o to the Uzebekistan league!?=

Berbatov to United?
Scary striking force if that happens and Rooney quits smoking.

Spurs chairman Levy to sue Sir Alex Ferguson for tapping up Berbatov?
What a hypocrite Ferguson is, if this is true.

Where will Arshavin end up?
He'll probably stay in Russia after the mob threatens to kidnap his family members. They do it to NHL players after all.

The Arsenal lost Hleb, Flamini and possibly will also lose Adebayor. Who else is Wenger looking to get as replacements?
Seeing as the Arsenal board openly admits they'll pay players less than others are being paid in the market and their reluctance to transfer for proven stars, it'll be tough to secure any big names. So that means some more young and unproven talent that could be good in a few years but won't immediately pay off. Couple this with the obvious lack of depth they have, and thigns do not look good for those Gunners. 6th place in prem, UEFA cup glory next year.
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