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Re: Bizarre New Transwarp Ship in '09 SOTL Calendar

Thanks guys,

It's the U.S.S. Spirit (NX-79995) A quantum slipstream testbed. I indeed designed it for the calendar only.

Here are some minor specs:

Designed and constructed after the logs and data of Voyager where studied. (2390's)

"Spirit" class explorer/scout
Quantum Slipstream testbed
Length: around 120 meters.
Crew: min: 12 max: 30
Decks: 4 full decks.

Some new and experimental features that are visible on the ship:
  • Armor with enhanced energy distribution and asymetrical shieldgrid.
  • Rapid fire Pulse Phaser. Pulse phasers with 3 fire modes and 8 output points. (higher rate of fire but reduced firepower.)
  • Quantum Slipstream controller. This device will push/pull the Slipstream tunnel towards or away from the ship for a more effecient and less bumpy ride. At the moment 6 of them are in series to do the brute force work.
  • Subspace failsafe system. Makes sure the ship stays in the lower domains of subspace and will drop out of slipstream if safety is compremised.
  • Integrated bridge with window & viewscreen.
  • Core shield layer that absorbs most baryon particles. (Reduces warp signature also.)
  • Small Shuttlebay with a drop down door that functions as a landing platform. (Andrew Probert sketched this out for me, I had to modify it a bit to stay within the deadline, but it worked very well!) I hope to show renders of it later this year.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, on a big format like the calendar it still should have enough detail left to stay interesting. I also love the painting that Andrew made for the calendar!

- Mark
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