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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

I'm used to games never playing regardless of what system I have, but all of those games will work, they just require a bit of elbow grease and willingness to see it through.

The installation of Star Trek: A Final Unity was a tough one. We all know Final Unity didn't even want to work well on the original systems. I remember installing it on my 386. It didn't even want to work then, and I had to cajole it, so this is nothing new.

So after finding the following instructions, everything worked beautifully. Here they are:

1. Download and install DosBox. Latest version.

2. Create a directory for the game. Example: C:\STTNG.

3. Using windows explorer, copy all of the contents from the game CD to the new directory created above.

4. Create a new folder under the new directory called savegame. Example: C:\STTNG\savegame.

5. Unzip the folder within the new directory called STTNGINS.ZIP. It will ask to overwrite one file, let it overwrite the file or choose not to, it wont matter.

6. Open the STTNG.INI folder with notepad. Near the bottom of the listing are two entries, one called Path and the other CD. For both of these entries put the following-- . \ make sure there is a space between the period and slash. The period must follow the = immediately, no spaces. So it will look like this in both the Path and CD lines---- Path=. \ and CD=. \

7. Load the game CD into your CD/DVD drive.

8. Start DosBox and mount your CD/DVD drive as normal.

9. Run the setup.exe from the CD.

10. Let the program set up the audio and video as normal.

11. After setup finishes, exit DosBox.

12. When this is complete, restart DosBox and mount the drive and directory where the game is located...example: mount c c:\sttng

13. Change to the mounted drive. The command line will say Z:\ simply type c: and hit enter.

14. At this point you can check the contents of the mounted drive by typing dir/w all of the contents within the STTNG directory should list.

15. Start the game by typing in the usual at the command prompt...example STTNG

16. The game should load and run.

I tried this but it said my CD transfer rate wasnt high enough whihc is odd given its a cd/dvd drive. On the other hand i gt Starfleet academy to work though i did have to change the color scheme for the movies to work properly. Any one else have this problem with A final unity
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