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Re: Top Gear New Series

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I caught some of Sunday's show on catch up TV, the expensive car challenge wasn't bad, but felt a bit lacking. Most of the challanges have felt a bit scripted and less like you're watching some guys arsing about. Japan made up for a lot of that, but the new series is lacking somewhat compared to the last few.
I'd agree with that... the level of scripting has become too obvious now, and it's starting to be at the cost of the show's quality.

I still prefer this format of the show to how it used to be, but at least review a couple of cars, eh? I might even learn something!

Just to fan the flames of manual vs automatic - manual is way more fun, there's nothing like leaving your car in gear when you park up, forgetting about it, stalling, and throwing everyone against the windscreen.

You've got to admire our love of the complicated - we drive on the other side of the road to most countries, we sell petrol in litres and work out efficiency in miles per gallon, we have bridge clearances in feet and inches, then hit you in the face with metric when you get to a car park barrier, and to get to the barrier, you have to scream up the bloody steep hills/ramps MisterGaribaldi mentioned in first gear... you know, I wouldn't change it for the world
Let's bluesify it by, like, twenty percent...
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