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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Speaking of Hallowe'en (why not?), my wife and I went to our local Michael's crafts store, and they already had some of the 2008 Lemax Spooky Town Collection. I couldn't resist picking up a few.

I got this one for my desk. That's just too cool. If that pic isn't clear enough, it's basically all of the main Universal monsters (or "as close as we can get without being sued") going for a joyride. There's even a sort of Gill-man in there next to the Wolf Man, though you can't quite make him out. The only one that's missing is the Invisible Man ... or is he?

My wife wanted this one, because she thought it was cute. So maybe that one will go in front of our wedding picture, on the mantle.

I also got this swamp monster for my desk, just because he made me laugh when I saw him.

We'll probably get more once we start actually getting close to October.
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