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Re: How's the Summer Movie Season going for you?

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Well now that I've seen all the Summer Movies I've wanted to see (Plus some like Hancock and Wanted) I'll just say that this summer movie season has been borderline between lacking and relatively decent. There's been some great movies (Iron Man, WALL-E, and The Dark Knight) but I really can't bring myself to be excited about movies based on reviews or trailers. I finally saw the Xfiles 2 trailer yesterday and since there has been no buzz on it, I find myself wondering if this movie is going to flop. After a 8+ year hiatus, I would have thought there would have been more excitement but I haven't heard anything. The Mummy 3 looks interesting in a if I am in the mood I'll see it kind of way, but that's pretty much it. Time to look forward to the Winter movie season now with Quantum of Solace on the horizon.
So you go to see a movie based on hype? Sort of like all of the other lemmings in the nation? Erm, OK.

Why no hype around X-Files 2? It was a TV series that, mostly, whimpered away several years ago. I'd say more than anything else the movie is for the remaining fans of the show.
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