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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

So no one is interested all the major transfer soap operas that is happening this summer?

Robinho to Chelsea?
Kaka to Chelsea for 79 million pounds!?
Ronaldo to Madrid for 68 million pounds!?
Lampard to Inter?
Scolari and Chelsea. What do you think?
Mourinho and Inter. What do you think? Will they win the Champions league?
Adebayor to Barca?
Eto'o to the Uzebekistan league!?
Berbatov to United?
Spurs chairman Levy to sue Sir Alex Ferguson for tapping up Berbatov?
Where will Arshavin end up?
The Arsenal lost Hleb, Flamini and possibly will also lose Adebayor. Who else is Wenger looking to get as replacements?
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