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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

And how would D'Anna know that the 5th has a plan, and what that plan is? She only saw the 5 in a vision and then was boxed, no time to learn more in the meantime.

There is some more news, not really spoilerish (very mild at the end of the article, perhaps), but interesting for the structure of S4.5:

From a new interview of Maureen Ryan with RDM:

The most interesting things:
-The proposed “Battlestar Galactica” TV movie would take place during the time frame of previous seasons, but it would air after the series finale.
-The final episodes of “Battlestar” will begin airing in January.
-The final set of episodes will be at least 11 hours long, and the series finale will occupy three of those hours. However, there’s a chance that the series finale could expand even more.
-The “Battlestar” series finale will definitely expand on DVD. Regardless of the length of the finale that airs on Sci Fi next year, an even longer cut will be released on DVD.
-If “Caprica” gets a full series order, it will air in 2009. If “Caprica” does not get a series order and airs as a standalone 2-hour movie, it could air this fall.
-Regarding when the network would decide whether to pick “Caprica” as a full series, the decision would come in September. Executives will get a cut of “Caprica” in early August, then decide in September whether it will become a series.
-If “Caprica” does get a series order, it will not be something that is designed to end after 13 episodes. It’ll be a regular series that could potentially go on for years, not a limited-run series.
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