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Re: How's the Summer Movie Season going for you?

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There was a week a while back, I think the week after Indy 4 where it seemed like nothing "major" came out.
I believe Sex and the City was considered major and has proven that out. Plus it would've been Indy4 weekend 2 which has shown to be dominant.
Indy 4 was getting mediocre word-of-mouth and SatC was probably fairly "niche" so Hellboy would've stood a fairly better chance.

But even before Ledger's death "experts" could've told you any movie opening the week before TDK was going to get its ass handed to it the following week and never recover.

Hell, opening Hellboy THIS week would've given it better chances, or next week so it doesn't go up against Mulder and Scully. It wouldn't of been #1 in either week but it wouldn't of suffered such a huge drop trying to go up agsinst the biggest movie of the Summer in its second week.

Hellboy has now only made $56m to its $85m budget. (No foreign takes yet.) I want to see a Hellboy 3 and it's not looking very good unless its DVD does well and that money is considered on whether it gets a sequel or not.
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