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Re: How's the Summer Movie Season going for you?

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There was a week a while back, I think the week after Indy 4 where it seemed like nothing "major" came out.
I believe Sex and the City was considered major and has proven that out. Plus it would've been Indy4 weekend 2 which has shown to be dominant.

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But, heck, a week or two earlier for Hellboy and would've stood a better chance. But it was completely set-up to fail this week. Any movie was.
I week earlier would've been head-to-head with Will Smith's Hancock, not a good idea.

Hindsight tells me maybe June 20th would've been good with Get Smart and Love Guru. It would've been counter programming to both and had a 2 weekend gap between superheroes Hulk & Hancock.

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Oh well.
Yeah, whats done is done.
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