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Re: How's the Summer Movie Season going for you?

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I hope people who had an interest don't forget about Hellboy 2 just because TDK is out. It suffered a mind numbing 70% in its second weekend, for obvious reasons--TDK, and not because it was bad and had horrid WOM.

Its going to have that monkey on its neck as a worse drop than '03 HULK and it doesn't deserve it.
Agreed. But I think it's going to quickly get buried, with X-Files coming out next week which will likely take the second spot under Batman.

Honestly, whomever decided to release Hellboy the week before the biggest movie of the Summer needs to be thumped. HARD.

There was a week a while back, I think the week after Indy 4 where it seemed like nothing "major" came out.

But, heck, a week or two earlier for Hellboy and would've stood a better chance. But it was completely set-up to fail this week. Any movie was.

Oh well.
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