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Re: Maggie Gyllenhaal: Genre babe of the week #30 (July 2008)

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There's nothing wrong with natural beauty, but I sure as hell don't see it here. I doubt there's enough beer available to make her look good.
I really can't understand comments like this. She might not be Hollywood starlet-pretty (I voted sideways myself), but to say, you wouldn't even think she's good looking when you're wasted kind of makes me doubt the realism of someone's standard in regard to women.
What's the problem with personal perferance?

The poll was to give an honest opinion on if you think she is sexy or not. If any poster gives her a thumbs down because they honestly don't find her sexy, why is that a reason to take issue with said poster?

If you don't find someone attractive, then you simply don't find them attractive. Nobody took issue with the poster that didn't find Angelina Jolie sexy.
A Tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.
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