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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

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Deanna might have lied if the fifth is Hera. Hera can't make the decision for herself to join the cylons, and Deanna's not an idiot. She knows the colonials aren't going to hand over a baby. I'm not saying it is Hera necessarily, but that would make sense with Deanna claiming she only wanted the four.

Thing is on that one, in the vision with Baltar and Six in the Opera House with Hera, they look up, Hera in their arms, and all five are staring down from the balcony. Assuming that one of them isn't Hera as an adult, it can't be Hera.

I'm thinking, however, that since they take her into the Opera House auditorium where the Five are located, Hera may be destined to replace one of the Final Five or be added to their number. Maybe one of them will give it's life to save the day, and Hera is its replacement.

That said, Six said she felt like she had to protect Hera. Why? Is one (or more) of the Five opposed to Hera in some way?

I'm hoping that in 4.5 the Five start to recover their memories. That would seem to be the quickest, easiest way to do the explanation of what happened on Earth. If the Five have been to Earth, and since it's so far away, it stands to reason that they are probably from Earth too. If so, then they know what happened. I'm still of the opinion that the Final Cylon has likely known who and what it is all along, so it knows the whole story. Alternatively, it may take all Five of them being together to trigger the recovery of their memories. Either that, or the Viper knows something. If it's Cylon technology, it stands to reason it's "alive" too, just like the rest of Cylon technology. Maybe it's the key to them being able to do that. After all, they heard the music when the Viper arrived in the nebula; they heard it a second time after the Viper had "changed" in the landing pod. So maybe the Viper is the key to identifying either the Final Cylon or/and triggering the complete recovery of the Four's memories.
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