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Re: Star Trek: COSMOS

1. The combat fleet, it sends the wrong message. Its okay to be armed, just not armed to the teeth on a peaceful exploration mission.
But this is a ship that is heading to another galaxy - on her own - and these Defiants and these troops are her only method of defense. Maybe the troops could be brought in and also function as part of the massive vessels security department too - otherwise they might have little to do during the voyage to their destination.

2. The destination, would a more logical destination be the next closes galaxy?
That's what he said, isn't it?

I would like to see the ship maybe be more of a mobile space dock, makes more sense for a one way mission. It could be equipped with a trans warp conduit which cannot be setup until the station reaches its destination. Until then they could use it for communication.
I got the impression the ship WAS on the same scale as a mobile version of Spacedock, if she can carry a fleet of three Defiant Class and presumably other more traditional shuttles, shuttlepods and runabouts onboard as well as the massive troop detachment in addition to the vessels crews, their family and the supporting civilian personnel.

Also if this is going to be a decades or centuries long mission, it would be cool if every season jumped a decade so we can see the crew aging and handling the loneliness of transverse the void.
This could be fun. Could also allow for some reshuffling of the crew every season if it was desired. If memory serves right, the above was something they were going to do on nineties UFO show Dark Skies, with the series beginning in the sixties - each season would span approximately a decade so that the fourth season would be the nineties and the fifth season would be contemporary to when the story was actually being made.
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