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Re: Top Gear New Series

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Apparently The Hamster and Captain Slow have agreed new pay deals.

From Digital Spy

Richard Hammond and James May have agreed new pay deals to remain as presenters on Top Gear, a report claims.

According to The Sun, Hammond is currently paid 15,000 per show and May 10,000. Both will now receive between 20,000 and 25,000, sources told the newspaper.

"Their agents wanted them to get a larger slice of the pie but the BBC only had a finite amount it was prepared to offer," one insider is quoted as saying.

"The Beeb and the agents have finally found some common ground and contracts should be signed within days."
Nice. How long will it take the tabloids to spin this into something negative? I give it a day, tops.

The real question is: How much is Top Gear Stuntman getting, and where's he been the last few episodes? Not that I'm complaining, as those eps have been absolutely loaded with good stuff with no room for the stunt segments.
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