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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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I just got back from seeing it again. The movie is just as awesome the second time as it was the first. Also it allowed me to pick up on more things.

My only problem, still, is that I don't like Bale's Batman voice and I don't think it is entirely his fault it sounds like it's being heavly tweaked in post.

It's just too much, too strong, and too intense. It's something that really, really, REALLY needs to be fixed. I will agree, though, that Bale is a very good Batman/Bruce otherwise.
The whole raspy thing? Me, too. I keep wondering how sore his vocal cords were after each take.

I loved it. Saw it in IMAX with about 300 of my (now) closest friends. Got in line at 11:30 for the 12pm showing. I was so far back in line, I had to take a seat up front.

The first guy in line (insert joke about him never seeing a grown woman naked here) got in line at 9am when the museum opened its doors.
Don't worry- he's totally cool with the av.
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