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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

I give it a B. In some ways BB was better. I thought there was a lot of talking. it went from one important plot point to another rather abruptly. We heard that Dent was the white knight-like saviour over six times.

What happened the court rooms... they looked like sets compared to the first film...and Wayne Tower was completely different.

I was not a phane of the donar-vision thing at the end...nor did I like the bat-pod... I thought the tumbler was good because it seemed to be real vehicle. I doubt it was designed with a stupid motor cycle in it.

But the film worked on a lot of levels. For someone who had no philosphy, Joker had a lot of interesting things to say. I liked that

Bale looked thin and uninterested in this film. a bit detatched. Also it seemed that Dent had become more important as a character. I'm not a Two Face fan, but the story came off better for the character than I expected. Still those burns were so severe and Dent didn't act like he was in that much pain after a while. After a while, it looked like makeup.
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