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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

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We wanted to kill someone off to underline, basically, that we meant business with this new story development. I had a choice of T'Lana or Leybenzon, and I wanted to leave T'Lana around for possible redemption.

Besides, I really don't have much sympathy for characters who think of combat as a desirable thing. I wanted to make a point about what that mentality leads to.
Fair enough, I suppose, but I never thought that Leybenzon loved combat, just that he understood it and found the real officers unclear and arbitrary. Which I thought was an interesting conflict. Oh well.
Actually I kinda like that.
That's good - you wrote it, you're supposed to . I disagree, but I'm sure others won't. Really, that's the jist of it - the character isn't unrealistic, she's just a sort of character that annoys me a lot. To each his own, right?
(Worf gives T'Ryssa a speech about how he's grown and matured, and she replies, "Good to know you're not a static Klingon.")
THAT's funny
That's really nice to hear. It was an interesting challenge I set for myself, to depict an alien mind without having it speak a word, but it really helped make it different from your usual alien.
Plus, I loved the idea of, all over the ship, anytime any two people are really getting into each other and having a private moment POOF suddenly appears a creepy gray semi-person, staring at them. A couple of the scenes where that happened really made me laugh.
Well, the authors of the 2008-9 TNG books -- myself, Dave Mack, and William Leisner -- have been keeping in regular contact and coordinating our efforts to keep things reasonably consistent from here on. Although different books won't necessarily focus on the same characters to the same degree.
That's really good to hear. I'm looking forward to this new crew starting to build some storytelling momentum.
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