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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

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Right, maybe the instability in the crew is a key issue that Picard is trying to deal with. But it doesn't stop me wishing that we'd got a permanent crew from the second novel or thereabouts and we're getting to the fourth novel - and we're still getting changes.
Well, we can't change the past. All I (or Picard) can do is try to put together a crew that can be stable from this point forward. GTTS is several months after BD and is a lead-in to Destiny and what follows; think of it as a season premiere of sorts, a new start.

It seemed to me that Picard was quite willing to ingore the views of the new crew in favour of the views of his older crew. Picard expresses his point of view, the older crew agree with that - and the new crew disagree but they're ignored despite them being on the side of their orders from Starfleet.
I don't think that's a fair assessment. Picard considered their input, but he still made his own decision, as is his right as a captain.

Besides, as I said, you can't judge the character based solely on one book. There have been hundreds and hundreds of TNG episodes, novels, and stories.

Hmmm. I mean, I like the way that Titan doesn't focus on the senior staff but I like the fact we know who the senior staff is - so I'm hoping this won't change and when we get senior staff meetings the senior staff will actually be there (has Rager been in any of the staff meetings on Titan, has she actually done anything in four books ?).
Tell you what: instead of dwelling on what you're afraid might or might not happen in the book, why don't you make things easy for yourself and just read it? Then you'll know.

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T'Ryssa Chen has a more nebulous job description -- contact specialist, science expert, and relief conn officer.
Uhh, since when was Trys a relief conn officer? I didn't establish that.

tenmei wrote: View Post
So, no new Counselor then? That I can live with - assuming there'll be a counselor, we just won't have them as a regular character.
Deanna basically did two jobs, counselor for the crew and contact specialist advising the captain on diplomatic and contact situations, alien psychology, etc. T'Lana apparently had the same dual role, but there's no reason to assume that every counselor would. Naturally the ship has a counselor (and you'll find out who it is if you read the book), but I assume a normal counselor would not be posted on the bridge as a matter of course.
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