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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Why not read the book and then say whether the dynamics get explored?
I meant with regards to the characters of Nave, Battaglio, Leybenzon and T'Lana, not with regards to the new characters.

And that instability in the crew is a key issue that Picard is trying to deal with in the novel. Again, maybe you should read the book before you judge.
Right, maybe the instability in the crew is a key issue that Picard is trying to deal with. But it doesn't stop me wishing that we'd got a permanent crew from the second novel or thereabouts and we're getting to the fourth novel - and we're still getting changes. I liked the fact the DS9 Relaunch felt like a new season of the show with a new regular cast and the changes in the first four novels of the TNG Relaunch don't make it feel like a new season of the show

Picard has always been a commander who sought the consensus of his crew. So I don't think it makes a lot of sense to define the question as being one of blind obedience versus mutiny. There's a lot more precedent to keep in mind than just the previous book.
It seemed to me that Picard was quite willing to ingore the views of the new crew in favour of the views of his older crew. Picard expresses his point of view, the older crew agree with that - and the new crew disagree but they're ignored despite them being on the side of their orders from Starfleet.

Sure, the situation might have been an extreme one, but Picard did show a predisposition to listen to his friends and ignore the new crewmembers and he did the same with ignoring T'Lana in 'Resistance' when she reminded him he wasn't supposed to interact with the Borg cube.

Yep. Anything wrong with having Faur at conn?
Oh, no, nothing wrong. I just hope she'll get some decent scene time this time round instead of just being a name.

Yes, not exactly, and no. We already tried just plugging new characters into the same jobs, and it didn't quite work out. I wanted to try rearranging things a little.
Hmmm. I mean, I like the way that Titan doesn't focus on the senior staff but I like the fact we know who the senior staff is - so I'm hoping this won't change and when we get senior staff meetings the senior staff will actually be there (has Rager been in any of the staff meetings on Titan, has she actually done anything in four books ?).
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