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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

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Hmmm. A whole new bunch of characters - our third lot in four novels! We're never going to be able to have a character stick around to know them and know what is in character and what is out of character for them!
Not a whole bunch. And they stick around at least as far as Destiny.

We've been offered up some excellent candidates for permanent new characters (in Nave especially - if she had survived, her taking part in the mutiny would have made more sense than Leybenzons in BD) and lost them within a book or two with no way to explore dynamics.
Why not read the book and then say whether the dynamics get explored?

Like we got in the DS9 Relaunch where all of our main cast was going to be brought in during the opening duology, I'd hoped the new Enterprise crew would all be present and accounted for by the end of the second novel at least - and now we find they're not.
And that instability in the crew is a key issue that Picard is trying to deal with in the novel. Again, maybe you should read the book before you judge.

I just hope this new group don't turn into a bunch of bumbling sycophants. That's one of the things that I liked about Before Dishonor, the fact that Kadohata, Leybenzon and T'Lana were so willing to tell Picard that they disagreed with him and fight for that position especially when Picard contravened Starfleet orders instead of just folding and letting him do what he wanted like the TNG crew.
BD was a highly atypical situation. It's the crew's duty to obey the captain's orders, but Picard has always been a commander who sought the consensus of his crew. So I don't think it makes a lot of sense to define the question as being one of blind obedience versus mutiny. There's a lot more precedent to keep in mind than just the previous book.

I thought the scene at the end of BD with T'Lana's request for transfer wasn't set in stone - was hoping that she'd stay and continue to be a bit of a thorn in everyone's side. She was a good character.
It was a little ambiguous, but the gist of that scene in BD was that either she got a transfer or she resigned from Starfleet, so either way, she was off.

So, I'm assuming Leybenzon and T'Lana are gone? Kadohata is staying? The barely mentioned Joanna Faur is STILL at CONN?
Yep. Anything wrong with having Faur at conn?

Have I understood right that Choudhury is the Security Chief, T'Ryssa is the Science Officer and Elfiki is the new Counselor?
Yes, not exactly, and no. We already tried just plugging new characters into the same jobs, and it didn't quite work out. I wanted to try rearranging things a little.
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