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Re: A Definitive Fan Film List

Sigh... the only possible title I can imagine that would be worse than "A Definitive Fan Production List" would be Mike's slash-based compromise proposal. (Sorry, Mike. I hate "Definitive Fan Film/Audio List" with every fiber of my being.)

Well, no, that's not true. I toyed today with "Fan Undertakings," "Amateur Artistries," and "Fan Inwentions" (note the Russian accent!), all of which are immeasurably worse.

The ones I came up with today that I did sorta like were "Fan Fabrication" and "Fan-Mades" (as in "A Definitive List of Fan-Mades," with all due credit for the name to Anthony Pascale). Is there any popular support for either of those, or are we stuck with "A Definitive List of Fan Productions"?

Either way, I and the present thread title stand defeated by the overwhelming vox populi. I'll include the new and immeasurably more accurate title in my update to you Sunday, Mallory. (Hopefully I'll be able to take a few public opinions into account by then.) That'll be in your PM box right after I find out the runtime of "Where There's A Sea," which I'll know right after I download it, which I'll do right after it's released.

Did anyone else realize that Karl Puder has been in roughly 22% of all productions listed? I added that up today after I ran into his voice in a completely unexpected place. Scary how he gets around. Which only proves my point about him.
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