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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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It may even be possible Bruce later explained his actions away by saying Rahs Ah Gul and his posse came in and threatened him.
I doubt that, I think the story is still that he went nuts and burned his house down like a spoiled bored trust fund kid. However, I can believe the rest about him being "Bruce Wayne" and everyone wanting to be in his orbit no matter what. It was just interesting to actually see and I thought I'd raise the issue to see what others thought about it.

But I do love how he plays the arrogant rich man like when he crashed the Lamborghni, stopping the death of the employee, and played it off as him just being out for a drive and showing up to the party/fundraiser in a helicopter flanked by a trio of beauties. He plays the arrogant playboy billionare well that's for sure.
I loved those moments too. Don't forget that he also got a show shut down because he took the showgirls out on his yacht.

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