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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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Speaking of the fundraiser, looks like people forgot about Bruce kicking everyone out of his party. His antics didn't seem to burn any bridges or end too many relationships.
That's believable. He's the richest most powerful man in the city, possibly the nation. Everyone wants to suck-up to him because "he's Bruce."

Completely believable in the rich socialite universe. It may even be possible Bruce later explained his actions away by saying Rahs Ah Gul and his posse came in and threatened him.

But I do love how he plays the arrogant rich man like when he crashed the Lamborghni, stopping the death of the employee, and played it off as him just being out for a drive and showing up to the party/fundraiser in a helicopter flanked by a trio of beauties. He plays the arrogant playboy billionare well that's for sure.
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