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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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Similar moments were the mayor's eye makeup and Bale's gravelly Batman voice which wasn't working so well in the final moments of the picture.
I'm not sure if that was makeup or if Nestor Carbonell just has naturally dark eyes, since he looks exactly the same when he's on Lost.
Carbonell's eyes look like that in everything I've seen him in so I think it's natural.

Awesome movie. I thought that Batman Begins was the best superhero movie ever but I think that TDK just tops it.

Who saw it on IMAX? I went to an Imax showing and it was good. However I was a bit close (second row) so unfortunately I missed some stuff like the pencil going into the guy. I missed it since it was off to my side. I need to see it again!

Also what exactly did Gordon tell his son at the end? I only caught part of it since the dialog was a bit muffled because the sound level in the theater was too high and it distorted some of the dialoge at times.

The resolution to the ferry bombs was awesome. It brought a tear to my eye. Both actors played their parts well when they refused to blow the other ferry up. Good acting from some bit players.

I'm sure I'm in the minority but I liked Katie better than Maggie as Rachel though to be fair the role was the weakest written in both films.

I liked the guy who played Lau. What's his name? The Hong Kong stuff was really well done.

The biggest cheer moments for my audience was the semi flipping over and the Joker pen trick. Biggest applause moment was the Heath Ledger credit and the dedication to him. He was utterly fantastic and mesmerizing as the Joker. Such a shame he died so young. He deserved to have heard all the praise going to him for this.

edit I also don't want to forget about Aaron Eckhart's fantastic performance as Harvey Dent/Two-Face. The guy totally nailed it. Great stuff.

It will really be challenging for Nolan to top this.
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