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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

Below average. Loved Harvey Dent, his looks and all his characterization and development (other than him dieing) but otherwise
-As in the first film, Gotham looked too nice and here there were too many daylight scenes.
-Bruce Wayne was definitely lost amidst the ensemble (I thought Oldman was pretty bland in both films, although he was OK when he was threatened at the end), the line "But Rachel" sounded really bad.
-Scarecrow was good but I was real disappointed that he didn't appear later on.
-Too loud and explosive.
-Ledger's voice reminded me too much of Nicholson+Palance+Jones; "I'm a man of my word" and a few other lines (his story about his wife, this city needs better villains) were OK but otherwise too little humor (a joke as he was firing his guns at Dent's car would have made the character more unpredictable and all the noises less intolerable) or presence and too one-note.
-Why'd Joker leave the fundraiser/Batman not go back up after he fell? Him telling Bats the locations after he bragged he wouldn't was also weak, it was inconsistent and just needed for there to be the dilemma. Why couldn't Bats go to one place and the police to another (or some police to one place and some to the other)?
-Gyllenhaal was an OK imitation, but the character direction (maybe it was me trying to play writer, but it seemed like a lot of missed opportunities) and her acting was too annoying.
-The vigilante debate at the dinner reminded me of the 60s series and BF, kiddy & old-fashioned
-Alfred/Caine was so condescending when he explained to Rachel
-The criminal being mean & brave enough to do the Right Thing was cheesy; the guy on the other ferry asking to and then not being able to was presented badly.
-It was so ham-fisted, repetitive in its themes of cop corruption and the Joker being a contrarian.
-Having the villain captured midway through, esp. in this lackluster way, increased the TV feel.
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