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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

This was a really solid film with a lot of action, a great look, a bravura performance from Heath Ledger, and a lot of good philosophical points to chew on. I liked the Joker's motivation or lack thereof and the reasons for his scars. I thought Aaron Echart(sp) did a really good job as well and will probably be overlooked in Heath's shadow but I've never been that impressed with his work and was surprised.

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I think that event was needed to push the two characters to their limits to make them who they have to be.

But, I disagree with you on Holmes vs. Maggie. Maggie was much more suited for this role. I just don't think Holmes could've played romanticly off Eckhart that well or played the warehouse scene as well either.
I thought Maggie seemed more natural with Bale as well. Even on just a visual level.

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These really should be open polls so we can know these things.

How did Batman survive his two big falls? The first one from Wayne Tower when he caught Rachel and the second one when he went over with Two-Face. They were pretty major falls and the one with Maggie had him crusing a car (infact in the parking garage he smashed a car when jumping too.)
Those bothered me as well, probably because much of the film is pretty grounded and it's not like it killed the movie for me or anything but it did take me out for a second. Similar moments were the mayor's eye makeup and Bale's gravelly Batman voice which wasn't working so well in the final moments of the picture.

The cell phone sonar thing while "kewl" made me wonder if it wouldn't have made more sense to just listen for the Joker's voice on the open mics and find him thusly. Hell, I figured out the hostage trick as soon as they showed them in the open window so it's not like he needed it to figure it out.
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