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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

Pure. Awesome.

There wasn't a thing about this film that I didn't like (okay, the court scenes were a bit awkward, but that's it!) and so much that I absolutely LOVED!

Not only was this Bruce Wayne's, Batman's, Harvey Dent's, and The Joker's story (as expected), but this was also Jim Gordon's story. I came in expecting big stuff for those four but I was impressed how the Nolans managed to successfully weave in Jim Gordon's story and the place he's forced to be in at the end of the film. Everyone else was just playing second fiddle to these five.

As for Rachel Dawes, I liked how everyone (myself included) had been fooled into thinking that Rachel was going to die when The Joker threw her off the roof. Nope! That being said, I did figure she was going to die later on and what a death. The set up and final reveal of her death tied in with Harvey Dent's scarring and madness all manipulated by The Joker was masterful.

Speaking of The Joker, the Nolans and Heath Ledger did a brilliant job of making him thoroughly and utterly maniacal and random (yet paradoxically deliberate at the same time). The twisted game he plays with his fellow bank robbers at the beginning was merely the tip of the iceberg. The killing of people each day in attempt to force Batman's hand was still the tip. Indicating who's next to be killed was still the tip. But then we reach the set up of Rachel's death and Harvey's scarring and now we're getting somewhere. Then the worst of all, The Joker's social experiment with the citizens and criminals of Gotham on two ferries (although I kind of had hoped the citizen pulled the trigger, but I know that wasn't the point).

The Joker is the ultimate terrorist.

I loved Two-Face and the build up to his scarring and madness, but I was a bit disappointed that he was killed off in the end. He served the purpose of the film (showing even the greatest good can be pulled down) and the poignant open tribute to Harvey Dent's memory was a nice touch, but still had hoped he survived. At least, in the next film, we'll have all new villains, whoever they may be (my vote is for The Riddler).

I was thoroughly amazed by how much was jammed packed into the film. About an hour and half in, I figured there was only a half an hour left (even though I knew there was so much more to come) because the story had been so dense up to that point. And as expected, the following hour was all the more incredible.

Major props to all of the supporting cast, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Eric Roberts, Anthony Michael Hall, Nestor Carbonell, Chin Hau, Michael Jai White, Cillian Murphy, Colin McFarlane, and William Fichtner who gave this film such wonderful richness and depth to an already excellent film.

If we had a letter grade poll, I would have given this film an A+. Best film of the year and the best superhero film to date.
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