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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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Mad Monster Party. What? I wanted it. Be quiet.
Ooooh, Rankin/Bass. With Harvey Kurtzman and Jack Davis. That's gotta be classic. Very odd that I don't remember it.
It's feature-length, so it never got the yearly rotation that the Christmas specials got.

Plus, according to its Wikipedia article, it was available on VHS for a while, but the print was in bad shape. "...but recently Sony Pictures Television (which now holds the television rights) unearthed an original 35mm pristine print. This print was digitally remastered, and is the source for the current DVD issue and all subsequent television showings."

I saw part of it on TV a year or two ago and immediately thought, Rankin-Bass did a Hallowe'en special?! and then I looked it up online to discover it was a movie. It's been on my "buy it if I spot it" list for a while, and I spotted it yesterday.

It's pretty silly, and a lot of fun. And you can bet I'll be using it for avatars come October.
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