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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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The Skull, which is one of those "Amicus does Hammer" flicks, to the point of getting Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee to star in it.
Nice. You just don't see movies about wealthy old skull collectors, anymore.

Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection 1 & 2, which isn't really horror, but it's got enough horror elements to blur the line a little. This is a great set. You've got your The Incredible Shrinking Man, Tarantula, The Mole People, etc. Fun stuff, and the Amazon price is $15-$20 cheaper than I've seen in stores. Most of these movies aren't available on DVD in the U.S. individually, so it's nice to finally have them. There isn't a lot in the way of special features, but that's okay with me.
That would be worth it just for The Monolith Monsters, an old staple of Creature Double Feature that I haven't seen in years.

Mad Monster Party. What? I wanted it. Be quiet.
Ooooh, Rankin/Bass. With Harvey Kurtzman and Jack Davis. That's gotta be classic. Very odd that I don't remember it.

Edit: Oh, and the Criterion Collection edition of Vampyr comes out next week.
Ah, that looks like a beauty. Right to the top of my list it goes.
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