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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Romulan Speaks

When I think of cheese I think of Buck Rogers, Lost in Space or the original Battlestar Galactica. TOS could be campy at times, but for it's era it was the Serious Business alternative with (as the other guy said) wit and charm. I don't expect everyone to be a fan or even like it, but if you "couldn't watch it", I mean actually be unable to sit down for 45 minutes and watch a whole episode, I can only presume a tiny bit of snobbishness. Then again this is Eric Bana, a wooden actor who probably doesn't know what the fuck he's on about anyway.

What's odd is the retro stylings of the posters... if that's indicative of the movie's style then that's pretty neat. What I don't like are the conflicting reports from this movie that are obviously designed to hype it up to anybody who will listen, fan or not. "You're a fan? Oh it's totally old-school, it's classic Trek dudebrah! Oh you're not a fan? Well it's totally not all gay like old Star Trek it's wicked badass!" That doesn't inspire much confidence.

Then again, should I really expect anything other than retarded nonsense from this film, if the guys who wrote Transformers are doing it?
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