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Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

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Wonderfalls - this was an awesome little show. Every time I see a coin on the ground I still think of the barrel bear saying "Find a penny - pick it up"....and I occasionally console myself about this issue or that with a mental picture of the monkey bookend saying "It's perfectly normal". I'm just thankful that they did the first season as a self-contained unit with a good ending. I'd have loved to have seen more seasons, but the show is very watchable on DVD because it ends well.
Yeah. Plus, I think some of the ideas they had for season 2 were kinda . (Sharon gets pregnant from the semen leftover in her girlfriend's vagina?!?)

Still, I loved the show a lot. Katie Finneran & Caroline Dhavernas are 2 of the cutest actresses in TV history. (Heaven would be making them the bread in a me-sandwich.)
I haven't read all that much about ideas they had for future seasons. Although I think that I did read (maybe on Wiki?) that they were tossing around the idea of Jaye ending up in a mental institution at some point....
Yeah. The only 2 future season ideas they mentioned on the DVD set were Sharon's pregnancy in Season 2 and Jaye getting sent to a mental institution for the Season 2 cliffhanger. One of the other people in the institution would have been the kid from "Lovesick Ass."
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