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Re: Watchmen Trailer Online

Wow--Pretty much everything I saw was indentifiable as a scene from the comic. Still cautiously optimistic, in spite of the couple of "sculpted muscle" costumes (which will be very anachronistic if this is a period piece as it appears to be).

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1. Looks like a self-consciously hip "rock video" take on the uber-popular comic book movie genre.
Well, the trailer basically is a music video, as many are these days. Doesn't mean the movie will play that way.

2. That guy with the Batman costume is an obvious Batman ripoff. Typical Hollywood, just cashing in on what's popular.
The original comics characters were deliberately derivative, but of the Charlton heroes of the '60s. Nite Owl is supposed to be the Silver Age Blue Beetle, although his look and gadgetry also gave him something of a Silver Age Batman vibe.

For me, the fact that so many people like this story, and that an amazing range of interesting actors are in it (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Carla Gugino, Billy Crudup, Jackie Earl Hayley, Patrick Wilson, Matt Fewer) is more than enough to sell me on it. Actors of their caliber wouldn't sign on to some empty, brainless "comic book" movie. I'm really looking forward to this.
Do yourself a favor and pick up the trade paperback first. The book won't spoil you on the movie...the movie will spoil you on the book. No matter how good this film is, the best way to experience this story is in its original format.

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