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Re: Watchmen Trailer Online

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Has Alan Moore disowned this movie like he did with his other works?
Moore doesn't believe that Watchmen is filmable, and I'd be inclined to agree with him. He's gone so far as to arrange that all royalties owed to him instead go to Dave Gibbons, the artist, and that his name not be officially associated with the film.
I didn't think it was filmable until I saw those tremendously moving images.
Wow...real tears. Even if that's all we ever get it just adds to what we've already gotten.
I didn't bother with any of the YouTube links, so I'll see it tonight at The Dark Knight. I don't have any faith in Snyder, however; I didn't care for Dawn of the Dead or 300. That said, I'd like nothing more than to be wrong; I'd absolutely love to see a worthy Watchmen film adaptation. I simply don't hold much hope that it's possible, considering how much Watchmen is about the medium of comics. My concerns are pretty much what Alan Moore has stated in the past.
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