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Re: Watchmen Trailer Online

Looks interesting. I'm probably the only person in this thread that knows zip about Watchmen, other than it's very well-regarded, so here's some common-schmoe perspective how others unfamiliar with it might react to this trailer:

1. Looks like a self-consciously hip "rock video" take on the uber-popular comic book movie genre.

2. That guy with the Batman costume is an obvious Batman ripoff. Typical Hollywood, just cashing in on what's popular.

3. "Graphic novel" gimmee a break, fancy name for a comic book. Self-important.

4. The biggest attractions for the general audience will be the familiar superhero element and the Zach Snyder connection.

For me, the fact that so many people like this story, and that an amazing range of interesting actors are in it (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Carla Gugino, Billy Crudup, Jackie Earl Hayley, Patrick Wilson, Matt Fewer) is more than enough to sell me on it. Actors of their caliber wouldn't sign on to some empty, brainless "comic book" movie. I'm really looking forward to this.
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