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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS*****

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Thanks for that.

Honestly, I'd be intimidated to try anything in the DS9-r series because it's so freaking stellar and I'd be even more terrified I'd screw something up than I was to follow M&M and CB with TITAN. Maybe something set on Bajor before the Cardassians showed up. That could be cool. I dunno. I never even considered it before this moment. DS9 is the most intricately plotted of the Trek series and the "relaunch" is even moreso. Niners are to normal Trekkers what Sehlats are to Tribbles so I'd be pretty nervous about pissing them off too.

I would LOVE another crack that the TITAN crew if for no other reason than I want to write them in a more linear story. I love those guys. I'm praying most of them survive DESTINY.

I'm hoping to get a crack at the MACOs at some point in some venue.
You're welcome

I'm praying most of them survive Destiny, too. After this book especially; you set up so many ongoing conflicts and dynamics that it's killing me I don't have the next book yet. If nothing else, SoD made the crew a much more complicated, layered bunch.
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