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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS*****

I just read this book for the first time, and I'm really impressed. It's not perfect, many others have noted the confusing nature of the setup, and I personally was somewhat annoyed at the tendency for a character to suddenly realize how something worked or get a brilliant plan, only to have them run off without telling us what it was, or have them get knocked out, or have a chapter break right there, etc. Seemed like the characters knew a lot more than I, the reader, did, until the very end when it was finally explained. That kind of narrative device really bothers me, though I realize that many authors utilize it as a perfectly legitimate source of tension and drive. Mostly just a pet peeve of mine.

But aside from wanting to have some of those revelations explained a little sooner, I managed to figure out everything, and I thought it was quite a clever new take on time travel, paradoxes, etc, and kept up very well the sense of scientific wonder that Orion's Hounds started. Seems like Titan is shaping up to be the most rigorous sci-fi of the spinoff novels, and I couldn't be happier.

I also thought the darker, more conflict-heavy takes on the characters were fantastic, especially Ra-Havreii who started really annoying, only to have the reveal of the song make him more interesting. Can't wait to see where Mack takes him, Lavena, Dakal, and the rest.

I actually really hope Thorne gets to write one of the DS9-relaunch novels; I think his darker / mystical kind of tone would work brilliantly in that series. Or another Titan novel, I'd be cool with that too... Really, it's not often that I read a new Trek author and immediately start to hope they get another crack at it, the last time that happened was when I read Ex Machina, but this and Fearful Symmetry have both made me really want the next book by each author. It's cool that Woods is coming back next year, so now I'm just hoping for Thorne...

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