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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Just though I'd swing by an introduce myself. I just finished watching my Voyager dvds, just watched Endgame an hour or so ago.
I love Kes, I find her innocnece and sweetness very believable, and her pschic powers had lots of potential. I hate that she was written out.
Janeway is a great character, with a dark side that rivals any of the other captains. Janeway can be so strong and wily. She's my favorite, npw after rewatching moving up from 2nd place ahead of Kes.
Seven is also great, Jeri Ryan is an underestemated actress, able to convey pain, wonder and humor. My favorite performnce from her was when she was possessed by the Doctor. She channeled his personality perfectly and was screamingly funny. The scen where she eats the cheesecake for the first time ( As the Doctor ) and practicaly has an orgasm is probably the funniest ST moment ever.
The Doctor had a great character arc thru the series, developing from a near blank slate into a deeply complex person. The question of holographic rights is fascinating and deeply thought provoking, as well as a great contribution to ST's legacy of social issues being addressed thru sci fi parable.
There are so many great episodes I have a hard time picking one favorite, but my favorite is Year of Hell, seeing things go from bad to worse the crew shows what they're made of as they struggle against their hardest times. Reset button or not, it's a great story.
I'm reading my way thru a huge mountain of Star Trek novels and am looking forward to the upcoming Destiny books and am really intrigued by the upcoming Voyager re-relaunch books.
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