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Re: Just watched Star Trek V The Final Frontier

I like George Murdoch's "god".

I the score when they are headed to the planet.

I like Kirk's "I need my pain" rant.

I like Spock PWNING Sybok with "You don't know me" after Spock's vision.

Spock's other good lines "Damn you, sir, you will try." and "Not in front of the Klingons" line.

Weak parts:


The A-Team hostage rescue stuff sucked. No real danger or real violence there. Of course Sybock's "cult" wasn't that violent anyway...maybe if they were the movie would be...creepier or something.

The Romulans never sent any ship to the planet of Galactic peace.

McCoy taking god at face value...until it blasts Kirk. Come on, Bones!

Sha'Ka Ri being frikkin' Utah. Not my idea of Heaven...not even close. (There wasn't even on chick dressed in Princess Leia's ROTJ slave costume! )
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