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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

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Ok, I was lucky and my wife let me go to Shore Leave this year (usually falls during our anniversary) and get my copies of the early release books. I devoured this book and was done by Sunday. All I can say is W O W !!!! Christopher Bennett comes through again.
Okay.. well that's all I need to know in order to go ahead and set aside some time to start harassing the local bookstores on a regular, daily basis. is showing that the book is currently shipping. Anyone order from them and already get notification that is has shipped?

**BTW, Christopher, do you think you could harass whichever department is in charge of getting the Kindle edition out the door, a bit? It seems that the Kindle editions just get put out whenever someone gets around to it, with no sort of reliable time frame (still waiting on Fearful Symmetry too.)
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