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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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The question he to fat to pass a medical
He can cheat, he'll just stand next to his mate Ronaldo. Next to him, Ronaldinho looks like Keira Knightley.

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^Erm, he's signing for Milan today.
I know, I wasn't being serious.

I wouldn't mind an equal number of big signings to significant losses. Nasri is a good start but someone more defensively minded would be good.
We have supposedly tied up a deal with Amaury Bischoff who is a currently unattached Portuguese (by way of France and Germany) defensive midfielder. He said he had agreed a deal with Arsenal a couple of weeks ago but nothing has happened about it since. We have our annual "Thanks for putting us up" friendly with Barnet on Saturday to kick off our pre-season so I would think Arsene would want him around.

Xabi Alonso's agent says that Arsenal have been in contact with Liverpool about his client. Liverpool surely can't want both Barry and Alonso so I'd imagine we would get Alonso which gives Liverpool a few quid (well, 14m or so) extra to get Barry in. Or, Martin O'Neill says Pat Rice rang him up to ask about Barry.

There's also the Adebayor and Arshavin situations.
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