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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

Love the new setlist, love the features, etc. RB2 is going to be great! Hell, RB is great. We have tons of DLC, too. So we've been playing a good variety of stuff for a while and will double our music library very soon (I think we are at around 180 songs or so right now?).

As for the RB1 Disc Export feature, supposedly it would only be a couple of bucks (totally worth it to me), and will include most songs. I would imagine that there are rights/licensing issues with a couple of songs as far as exporting them go, so hopefully we will find out soon what can't be exported.

I'm leaning toward getting the game only and buying either the ION kit or the MadCatz kit that's coming, but I want to see the reviews first. If I'm not thrilled with those, I may just buy the bundle or the new drums individually.
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