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Re: Lexington: Aliens Part 2

“Commander, Shuttle A-34 is not answering our transmissions.” A Halenoi woman, wearing a formfitting beige one-piece suit with yellow trim announced, “And I’m not picking them up on radar.”

“That’s the shuttle with Lieutenant Alys and Flying Officer Freman, isn’t it?” Commander Edal Strakan, the head of Unified Military Body for the Repulsion of Alien Activity inquired. A tall, white-haired man with icy cold blue eyes, stern features, and wearing a white shirt with a dark blue Nehru-style jacket leaned over to examine the radar display as he asked his question.

“Yes, sir.” The woman replied glumly as she repeated her transmission. “For a moment, Sir…” The communications technician declared hesitatingly, “I thought I saw…”

“Go ahead, Sub-lieutenant. What did you see?”

“Sir…I thought I saw something appearing on the screen just as the solar flare activity started, but I lost it almost immediately.

“Could have been a Shlavka infiltration ship.” Commander Strakan mused. “They might know about Project Sunrise. Contact Colonel Restof at the Kallyna Research Facility.” The commander ordered, “Tell him the base is to go on high alert until further notice.”

“Yes, Sir.” The communications tech acknowledged crisply.

Waiting until his orders had been carried out, Strakan then instructed, “Also, contact Colonel Freman—he should be at home now and have him come in immediately.”

“Should I inform him about what happened?”

“No.” Commander Strakan replied, shaking his head. Sighing, the white-haired commander murmured in a low voice, “He should hear the news about his son from me.”

************************************************** **********************

Rematerializing in a blind alley, the landing party immediately scanned the area with their eyes as Commander Kuznetsov and Lieutenant Collins kept their hands close to their phaser-ones. Hearing the sounds of traffic coming from the other end of the alley, Alexei motioned for Lieutenant Oudekirk and Ensign Watley to begin their readings. Taking out their tricorders, the two women quickly and efficiently set about their tasks as Kuznetsov and Collins stood watch. Looking up into the pristine blue and white sky, the Russian first officer noted, “Doesn’t look so bad for a planet that had been ravaged just a decade ago.”

“The Halenoi were able to reverse engineer some of the technology and information the Shlavka left behind.” Ensign Watley explained as she continued her readings. “That permitted them to clean up a great deal of the damage that was done, but there are still areas of the planet’s surface that are virtually uninhabitable.”

“Where exactly are we?” Lieutenant Collins inquired, his lips turning up into a broad grin as he spotted a sleek four-wheeled land vehicle parked towards the end of the alleyway. “Do we have a name for this city?”

“The name of the city is Kallyna.” Lieutenant Oudekirk replied as she brushed aside a stray lock of platinum-hued hair, her normal wheat-blonde hair colored as part of her disguise. Along with contacts giving her iris’s a lilac hue and purple lip gloss, she could easily pass as a native of the planet.

“The Lexington’s scans indicated that wherever the Halenoi are conducting their experiments is near this city.” Alexei declared in his usual gruff tone. “So, our first order of business is to find a place we can operate from freely. Suggestions?”

“We could rent a motel…” Cilla offered, “…but first I would need access to a computer terminal so that I could hack into one of their financial institutions and set us up with a credit account.”

“We should be able to find one in a public library.” Ensign Watley suggested.

“That would also give us an opportunity to learn a little bit more about the situation here.” The Bear observed, nodding his head with approval. “Very well…let’s go. And remember—we are to not to draw attention to ourselves, so avoid contact with all Halenoi unless necessary—and most important—avoid all contact with the authorities.”

************************************************** ********************

Consciousness slowly returning to her, Lieutenant Myra Alys’s eyelids fluttered open revealing several blurred ghostlike forms moving about her. Forcing her eyes to stay open, the fuzzy figure lying down next to her resolved itself into that of her friend and comrade, Flying Officer Merric Freman. The other standing and moving blurry images sharpened until the young flight controller was finally able to recognize five beings, all seemingly Halen in appearance, three male and two female, wearing red and blue uniforms. Feeling the cushioned, yet firm surface beneath her as her eyes slowly took in her surroundings, her heart froze as she came to the realization that she was lying on an examination table. They’ve taken us! The young woman panicked as frightening images of the recent past and her basic training rushed through her mind. They’re going to experiment on us!

Coming to consciousness as well, similar thoughts to that of his female companion were also flooding Flying Officer Freman’s mind. Pushing his fears down, the pilot swore to himself as, feigning unconsciousness, he pretended to close his eyes. They won’t take me. Not without me taking a few of them with me first.

“Doctor?” Nurse Papadopoulos whispered, motioning with her data slate at the instrument readings above both the patients’ biobeds, “They’re conscious.”

“Yeah…” Dr. Vincent answered back in a low voice, cracking a crooked grin, “…but the gentleman over here doesn’t want us to think that.” Motioning to the security troopers to take alert positions, the balding surgeon addressed both of his patients in a soft, reassuring voice, “I’m Dr. Charles Vincent and you’re on board the Federation starship USS Lexington. You’re safe here. No one’s going to hurt you.”

“You’re lying…” The pilot croaked, realizing that his ruse had been pierced, “I’ve seen for myself what you Shlavka do, and I know all about the mind games you people play on us. I won’t let you do that to me. I’ll kill myself first.”

“We’re not Shlavka…” Dr. Vincent reassured, “Your ship was damaged and we rescued you.”

Jumping off the table, the pilot staggered towards the man wearing the short sleeved blue shirt, his image rolling before his eyes as they clouded before going black. Feeling arms catching him, the pilot felt them to guide him back to his bed as he vaguely heard voices and then a hissing sound as something was pressed against his neck and then…quiet.

Myra’s heart raced as she witnessed the scene playing out next to her. Struggling to sit up, the youthful amber-skinned woman heard a soft voice as she felt something pressed against her neck, “Calm down…it’s just a sedative…no one is going to hurt you.”

“They’re stable, Doctor.” Nurse Papadopoulos reported as the life readings above the two biobeds beat a constant reassuring drum.

“Good. We’ll let them rest a little longer—that’ll give their bodies a bit more time to adjust.” Dr. Vincent replied. “Continue monitoring them and let me know if their condition changes.”

“Aye, Sir.” The young dark-haired nurse acknowledged as Charles returned to his office. Tapping the intercom button next to his computer monitor, the Massachusetts born physician spoke, “Sickbay to bridge.”

“Go ahead, Doctor.” Commodore Wesley’s voice replied from the intercom speaker.

“We had to sedate our patients…I figure that it’ll be another hour or so before they awaken.”

“Very well, Doctor.” The commodore answered back, “I’ll come down to sickbay then.”

Turning his attention back to the viewscreen, Wesley watched the Shlavka saucer as it continued its course homeward. “Continue following, Ms. Bathory…but stay out of their sensor range.”

“Shouldn’t be too hard to do, Sir.” The Hungarian pilot confidently replied, “They’re so slow and their sensor technology so primitive that we could probably catch up to them from Starbase 31.”

“Don’t get overconfident, Ms. Bathory.” The commodore gently, yet firmly, chided. “Even the most primitive technology can give you a nasty surprise if you’re not ready for it.”

“Aye, Sir.”

Robert swiveled his chair towards his science officer, “Any signs of other activity, Ms. Zha’Thara?”

“No, Sir.” The Andorian science officer replied, “Other than the ship we’re pursuing, I’m not detecting any other Shlavka vessels or probes.”

“All right…keep your eyes peeled though…” The commodore directed, “I don’t want us to stumble into any ambushes.”

************************************************** *********************

“Systems are nominal, Shafran.” The Second reported as he maintained a respectful distance from his commanding officer.

“Good.” Shafran Vissak replied, his breath coming out as a slight hiss. “Maintain scans.”

“With respect, Shafran, why do you always give that order?” The Second inquired as his curiosity finally got the better of him. “I have served with you for three cruises, Shafran, and without fail, once we cross the Halenoi system’s heliosphere and enter interstellar space, you give the same order. The Halenoi have no interstellar craft as yet and once our infiltration team succeeds in its mission, they won’t have any for several revolutions to come.”

A slight rumble escaping his throat, the Shafran motioned for his Second to come closer. “My friend…it is not the Halenoi I fear…”


The hiss escaping the old Shafran now resembling a sigh, he explained, “It was eight revolutions ago. We were testing the Halenoi defenses. My Intruder group was a diversion as we attempted to land an infiltration mission once we’d discovered that a few of our species are immune to the Halenoi Hell Virus. After we turned back and had crossed the heliosphere, my scan technician reported an object following us as we were about to pass through the Takshik Belt and I ordered my Intruder to come to a full stop and power down all but essential systems. I then took over the visual scanscope. That was when I saw it.” Pausing to take a breath, the old commander continued in an awed whisper, “It was large…bigger than ten…twenty intruder saucers, but it looked like nothing I have ever seen before. A sort of spherical structure was in front connected by a long boom. In the rear of the ship on both sides were wing-like structures, and on either wing a rectangular structure was connected. I watched as it moved past—just like a sercor in search of prey. It was beautiful—and frightening—at the same time.”

“But you never reported it, Shafran, why not?”

The Shafran answered back with a hiss of gentle laughter, “And what would have happened to me? At best I would have been retired…at worst…reassigned to a livestock camp. No…” The elderly reptilian declared with a shake of his head, “Soon I will step down and you will be Shafran and when that day occurs, I want you to keep one thing in mind, Second…and that is to tread warily, for remember, even the sercor, ferocious though he may be, is preyed upon by the trshln.”

[FONT=&quot]************************************************** ********************* [/FONT]
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