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Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

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The Prisoner
How is that a cancelled or little known gem? It came to the end of it's run after McGoohan decided 17 was enough (he actually only wanted 7 but was forced to do more).

I thought most people knew of The Prisoner...
Although, according the The Prisoner Companion, there were ideas of continuing the show for a second series but with a more world-spanning manner. The idea was to follow Number 48 (Alexis Kanner) and the Butler (Angelo Muscat) as the are chased across the world following the events of "Fall Out," iirc.

Speaking of only 7 episodes, I hope that the new AMC version will use those seven as the basis of the mini-series.

Producer George Markstein also proposed a continuation of The Prisoner before his falling out with McGoohan. From wikipedia:

According to Markstein: "The Prisoner was going to leave the Village and he was going to have adventures in many parts of the world, but ultimately he would always be a prisoner. By that I don't mean he would always go back to the Village. He would always be a prisoner of his circumstances, his situation, his secret, his background… and 'they' would always be there to ensure that his captivity continues."

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