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Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

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Wonderfalls - this was an awesome little show. Every time I see a coin on the ground I still think of the barrel bear saying "Find a penny - pick it up"....and I occasionally console myself about this issue or that with a mental picture of the monkey bookend saying "It's perfectly normal". I'm just thankful that they did the first season as a self-contained unit with a good ending. I'd have loved to have seen more seasons, but the show is very watchable on DVD because it ends well.
Yeah. Plus, I think some of the ideas they had for season 2 were kinda . (Sharon gets pregnant from the semen leftover in her girlfriend's vagina?!?)

Still, I loved the show a lot. Katie Finneran & Caroline Dhavernas are 2 of the cutest actresses in TV history. (Heaven would be making them the bread in a me-sandwich.)

I kept picturing what would happen if they ever did a crossover episode with Early Edition. (Gary is on vacation at Niagara Falls. Jaye accidentally injures Gary, preventing him from using the paper. Jaye now has to deal with both the paper and the animals.)

Odyssey 5 was a great show. Rarely have I so fallen in love with a show from the 1st episode. Even if the show never comes back, I'd love to see Dr. Kurt Mendell on another series.
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