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Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

Yipes! A resurrected thread!

Anyway, as long as this one has been raised from the dead, I'll take this opportunity to put my 2 cents in...and I'd definitely go with three shows besides Firefly:

1. Wonderfalls - this was an awesome little show. Every time I see a coin on the ground I still think of the barrel bear saying "Find a penny - pick it up"....and I occasionally console myself about this issue or that with a mental picture of the monkey bookend saying "It's perfectly normal". I'm just thankful that they did the first season as a self-contained unit with a good ending. I'd have loved to have seen more seasons, but the show is very watchable on DVD because it ends well.

The actors were all excellent too, and that cast deserved more of a chance than they got. Good to see Lee Pace on Pushing Daisies...but Wonderfalls was a fabulous show that got screwed over.

This show is also great because it contains one of the funniest lines ever uttered on a TV show: William Saddler's character informing his wife that there are plenty of ways to counteract depression besides taking a pill...and then yelling through the locked door at Jaye (his daughter)...."Jaye honey...when was the last time you had an orgasm???"

God that was a great show!!!

2. The Dresden Files - I never read the books, which was probably a good thing in terms of watching the show. I think the show was pretty good, actually. But I think that the problem came with those who had read all the books and thought those were better. Rarely are movies better than the books they are made from...and same with TV shows. I think Dresden suffered not because it was bad, but because it wasn't as good as the books for the viewers who had read them.

3. Jericho - it's true this show got more of a chance than the other two when it got that second mini-season. But the thing is that with a show like this, you have to watch it from the beginning. And at the beginning, this show got so screwed over that it never really had a chance to gain an audience...and so started that little mini-season in deficit position.

Great concept that should have been given more of a chance. But then...maybe alot of people stayed away because of the content. I think alot of people are actually so afraid of what would happen if such a thing were to occur in real life that they didn't even want to think about it by watching a show like Jericho. With most scifi shows, no matter how bad it gets, you are always assured that 'you are not in Kansas anymore' so it couldn't happen. With Jericho...well, you are IN Kansas.
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