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Re: Lack Of 'Star Trek XI' At Comic-Con Disappoints Abrams

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I did find Abrams' comments a bit off-kilter. Just transporting TOS from the 60s to now would make it look like a parody but there has been plenty of Star Trek in the intervening years, including many TOS movies that dispensed with the parodic elements (bright colors, beehive hairdo's), not to mention several other Trek series that took the updating even further, for better or worse.

Either Abrams is familiar only with the three season run of TOS or he's assuming the audience is. He's probably afraid of the reactions of people who haven't seen anything of Star Trek and think of it as just some guys in velour running around fighting other guys in gorilla suits and having paper mache boulders tossed at them.
I think his concern comes from the fact that they are going back to the pre-TOS timeframe, and whether or not that is going to necessarily entail using those "kitschy" design elements and some of the more backward social positions that the show had as a result of being a product of its time. (No female captains, for example.) It's the same sort of prequel problem that the producers and writers of Enterprise had to deal with. (I hope he deals with these issues better than ENT did!) Abrams is saying he's not going to hew closely to those things, because the movie would come off to contemporary audiences like a parody if he were to do so. I think what we're going to see is (in Abrams' eyes at least) a "respectful updating" of Classic Trek with modern sensibilities. It seems to me that's what he was trying to get across, admittedly in a somewhat clumsy fashion.
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