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Re: Lack Of 'Star Trek XI' At Comic-Con Disappoints Abrams

MattJC wrote: View Post
Since when was Star Trek a parody?
And what as it a parody of?
You are mis-reading him. He didn't say that Star Trek was a parody. He's saying that the movie he is making (ie. "our Star Trek") is not going to be a parody and that it is meant to be serious when dealing with the characters and relationships.

Pioneer wrote: View Post
Abrams plays his cards close to the vest and now he complains when his movies aren't being properly promoted. Nothing's stopping him from releasing the same material out on the Internet. So he's "very disappointed", is he? Well, his fans are very disappointed that he chose to keep ST-XI details a big fuck*ng secret. So, how's it feel, J.J.?
See, there is a difference from just going "Here, Internet...have fun" and having a venue for it. Judging from his comments, I would almost gather that he was banking on Comic Con to be the first major release of information (hence why the secrecy around the movie). But that is just a guess.

Personally, I'm surprised that there, seemingly, isn't anything going on at the Vegas Trek convention (besides an appearance by Quinto).
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